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Aesthetic dentistry

The youngest branch of dentistry with a different approach in solving aesthetic and functional problems.


When there is loss of a tooth present, it is necessary to rehabilitate the tooth chain as soon as possible.

Oral surgery and implants

Implantology is a branch of oral surgery and an ideal solution in some cases.

We’d love to take care of your smile.

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Mr. sci. Ivana Stazić Matulić dr. dent. med.

Born in Supetar in 1971. After graduating Faculty of Dentistry  and further on  achieving Master’s degree in periodontology in 2000. She started professional career in private practice in Zagreb and presently in Dental polyclinics in Supetar. She  attends annual seminars improving skills and knowledge in dental technology and approach.

Marko Stazić, dr. dent. med.

Marko Stazić, doctor of dentistry. Born in 1960 in Supetar. He graduated Faculty of Dentistry and procedes on with private practice experience in Split and Dispensary job after which he opened Dental polyclinics in Supetar in 1995. He became a member of Croatian Dentistry  Chamber  and constantly improves in the[…]

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Telephone 021 630 609
Adress: Ratac 2/I. floor, Supetar 21400

Our Services

Stazić's dentistry office in Supetar offers a wide spectrum of dentistry treatments based upon experience and quality. These pages represent the basic overview of the office and its services. You are free to contact us via telephone or e-mail for any further information.