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Natural park Sutivan is situated 2 miles away from the town Sutivan toward Milna. Vehicles can approach into the center of the park and use a free of charge wide parking lot.Because of its special facilities park is established by the Ministry approval as a sports and rehabilitation center in 2009. With the ticket that is valid for the whole day guests can enjoy the wide variety of activities:
– meeting and associating with the animal world. Park is sheltering wide variety of species: blue and white peafowl’s, gold, silver and common pheasants, domestic turkey bird, ducks and gooses. Also there are ostrich’s, wilde boars, sheep’s, goats, a Milka cow, elfin pigs, different turtles. We are very proud on Dalmatian donkeys, horses and pony-horses that guests can use for riding with a professional supervising.
– botanical area. there is a large variety of plants in the park, young olive trees, vegetables, aromatic and ornamental plants. We also have a separate aloe gardens.
– children playing grounds. A large sand surrounded wooden castle with slide, seesaws and swings – plenty of fun  for the children.
– playing grounds. Futsal ground, basket ball and volley ball on sand court, bocce court – plenty of fun for all ages.
– special facility  is a young children trampoline.
– fountain in the center of the park with a crystal clear water and golden fishes surrounded by ornamental herbs gives a magic touch, specially during the evening. – restaurant. Park offers variety of beverages, together with a selection of excellent Brač origin wines.
– NEW – The first Brac Amphitheatre – imaginative architectural design with natural materials.
Ideal for various events, concerts, plays, performances, screenings and other events.
Playing facilities are illuminated at night. We offer a large group visiting arrangements. Come and meet us and have a lot of fun.
Park management.

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