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PZ Supetar today

Agricultural cooperative Supetar (P.Z.Supetar) has 47 active cooperative members who are mainly engaged in olive and fruit growing along with it, the vegetable-growing, sheep-breeding and fishing. It has several rent building sites in the city of Supetar and olive groves which are in the process of transition to organic production.


History of PZ Supetar

Supetar Agricultural Cooperative was founded in 1947 when it had 346 cooperatives with 1,100 members of their families. It was based on the purchase of agricultural products of which the most important were olives, olive oil, wine, figs, sour cherry, almonds, and medicinal herbs. The most important branches of agriculture were the olives and olive oil in its own oil mill. She had their own olive groves in an area of ​​8.5 hectares with 2,500 trees. With olive oil deals with the preservation of black and green olives for the domestic market. The cooperative then had and orchards of almond and cherry Marasca in the area of ​​2.5 ha with intercrop industrial plants marjoram, lavender and thyme. With this and an area of ​​1.5 ha in cooperation planted lavender and thyme. Store consumer goods, food and industrial goods also was one of the activities of the cooperative who has four shops then. The cooperative had its own bookstore and stationery that was supplying goods in wider area of ​​the former municipality of Brac. An important activity was the fishing operation with it’s own ship trawler used for winter deep trawling and for summer anchovies fishing. Trawlers were provided with strong light boats with lamps of 8000 candelas. With that and a smaller boat that was used to perform a summer fishing pelagic fish as well as for the transport of goods for the purposes of the cooperative. Summer and winter fishing cooperative to achieve a catch of about 100 tons of fish. Later, the business expanded to the trades and carpenter, blacksmiths and bakery shop.